The Founding Fathers Wrote The United States Constitution To Give The World The Most Successful Freedom Formula Known To Man

American’s can’t afford to be shy or ashamed of the United States Constitution; and that is because she is the world’s last best hope.  For example, nearly every free nation in the world adopted America’s for their form of government.

This is not something we can take for granted or lightly because life is meaningless without freedom.

W. Cleon Skousen writes American’s “have been too self-conscious about their system and its accomplishments.  At times they have been almost apologetic that they have had such a remarkable system when the rest of the world did not.”

Consequently, American’s should not apologize to anyone for the greatness and majesty of the United States Constitution and what it has provided us.  Furthermore, America has also given more of its wealth to the world than anyone else in all of history.

The Freedom Formula In The United States Constitution Is For The World

Our Founding Fathers intended the principles of freedom be spread all over the world.

The United States Constitution made America the richest industrial nation on earth.

Additionally, eventually, they created the highest standard of living in the history of the world and produced half the world's total production.

The world needs to know this freedom formula, and it can work anywhere in the world where it is implemented.

Freedom is for everyone!

Alexis de Tocqueville saw the greatness of the Constitution and what it could do for France.  However, he didn’t want a carbon copy of the United States Constitution for France, but he desired the core principles of freedom.  He said, "those principles of order, of the balance of powers, of true liberty, of deep and sincere respect for right, are indispensable to all republics." Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America.

Other world leaders declared their respect, wonder and awe for the doctrines of freedom in the Constitution.

What We All Desire

  • Liberty
  • Prosperity
  • Protection

America’s Founding Fathers Read Voraciously Which Gave Them Great Power

Some of America’s Founding Fathers were not formally educated; however, they all read extensively. Strangely, no government founded on freedom existed during their day in which they could adapt.

Instead, every government they researched exploited their people and denied them freedom, prosperity and peace.  They could not find a living government with the power centered with the people.

Any Free Government Must Be “Of The People, By The People, And For The People”

As Abraham Lincoln said, the American government was to be a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

We have seen what happens when power rests with only a few people.  History shows that the result is almost always death and destruction. Unfortunately they couldn’t identify a free government; however, they discovered an ancient system with a freedom formula they wanted. That answer was found with the ancient Israelites and the Anglo Saxons.

The U.S. Constitution Was Created With A Checks And Balances To Prevent Corruption

The Founding Fathers understood human nature had a good side and a bad one. They knew our dark side must be checked or freedom would die. That is we can’t have a system where all the power resides with a few people.

The United States Constitution if followed according to the intent of the Founding Fathers would prevent corruption and wickedness from destroying the nation.  Additionally, dirty politicians couldn’t endure very long if the Constitution was followed correctly.

That is also why a free society requires a virtuous and moral citizenry who will only choose and vote for people of high character.

The Founding Founders believed the Constitution must be strictly interpreted exactly as written.  They knew it would never be obsolete down through history, even to our day.  Similarly, the U.S. Constitution would put chains on evil and conspiring men and women.

Amendments were the only way to change the Constitution; and which required the input and debate from all the necessary decision makers.

Evil and corruption quickly take over when power is bestowed upon a few people.

This inspired system of group debate and scrutinization overturned many amendments that seemed good to a few, but were not.

So, today whenever you see bills pushed through behind closed doors, you know these are dangerous signs and serious threats to the United States Constitution.  That is one way you know it is being shred little by little.  Or, when our president is dead set on doing his own thing, making rules by himself and circumventing the group debate. He is betraying our Constitution.

The Courts Do Not Make Laws

Additionally, judges have no Constitutional right to make laws.  They can only enforce laws already on the books.  For example, no matter how you view gay marriage, it is unconstitutional even though the Supreme Court made it legal.  The Supreme Court operated outside its constitutional powers by creating this law.  Instead, the Supreme Court had to wait until the correct lawmakers debated gay marriage, voted on it and made it in writing in advance of bringing it to the court.

America Needs A New Reawakening

I feel strongly America needs a new reawakening. Tim Ballard, one of my hero’s discussed a reawakening during the Revolutionary War time in his book The Covenant: America’s Sacred And Immutable Connection to Ancient Israel.

America’s churches with their preachers lit the revolutionaries fire to fight; otherwise most were complacent enough to live under England’s rule.

America remains great; however, wickedness and corruption is stronger than ever.  I don’t think we can claim the moral high ground on many things anymore.  Years ago at the UN America’s delegates pushed for pro family principles, now they stand for anti family programs, which most American’s do not support and reject if they knew what Obama’s administration was doing.

Additionally, the media doesn’t help our world perception because the media paints a false picture to the rest of the world of American society.  Most American families and individuals are not like what is shown in the TV and movies.

 Finally, Tim Ballard clearly explains that God promises us liberty, prosperity and protection. These blessings from God are only possible if we serve Jesus Christ and make Him our King.  Otherwise, we will lose His divine guidance, supreme knowledge and protection.

The consequences for kicking Jesus Christ out of our government, schools and the public square is serious.

Book Review: The Making of America by Cleon Skousen


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