“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” Ayurvedic Proverb

“Understanding where your food comes from is absolutely the most critical thing you can do for your life and your health and wellness.” Kiran Krishnan, The Human Longevity Project

Donna Schwenk, the owner of Cultured Food Life, who wrote nothing is more powerful than food has a good point. Although I believe there is a lot more to this life than the physical, she is not wrong. Health is wealth, and most people take their health for granted until they lose it; and then regaining it is much more expensive and difficult.

Real food is clean food. Real food is not soaked in glyphosate or any other chemicals. Not only that, you don’t need fertilizers of any kind to grow food. Regenerative farmers don’t use them. Real food is not genetically engineered.

Dr. Zach Bush said, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in medicine, if you don’t remove whats causing the problem you will never be able to get positive results. The same is true in agriculture.” In all his years in medical training with three board certifications and 12 years of training was that the medical field did not or maybe would not directly connect the role of environment to human health and disease. 

Is the medical industry ignorant or apathetic about this or is it intentional? One thing is certain, chronic disease has blown out of control and the conventional medical system has no solutions; while big pharma is making boat loads of cash from drugs that only treat symptoms. All the while the disease is progressing and your quality of life plummeting, despite it keeping you alive longer.

Years ago I attended a special Thanksgiving dinner at Redmond Farms which is a health food store that has a farm kitchen built into it. At this dinner, the chef said “If you are healthy, thank the chef!” 

I might be biased, as I myself am now a chef; and she could not have been more correct. Pharmaceutical drugs do not cure anything, and the best they can do is treat symptoms not root causes. Real food can because real food is medicine. 

Real food has the nutrients that can prevent and cure diseases. And I’m not talking about fad diets, and I don’t believe in any of them. Some foods I eat more than others such as vegetables; but I don’t cut out any major food groups out of my diet. It needs to be real food.

You don’t need pharmaceutical drugs to be healthy, and you don’t need vaccines to protect you from viruses. Does it really make sense to put toxins of any kind in your body for any reason?

Assaulting your immune system will not make it stronger. For example, you don’t win wars by going to war. That is a sure way to be killed, and if you want to kill your immune system take a vaccine, especially a COVID vaccine that was never tested for safety.

This vaccine has caused so many injuries and deaths, more than any other.

Bill Gates formed a secret pact with Dr. Anthony Fauci to fabricate a virus to spread worldwide so they could force a vaccine on the world and make billions. He doesn’t care about the safety of these vaccines or any others that he funds. He believes in population control. He doesn’t care who dies or who is left permanently disabled. 

You win wars through training; and you train your immune system through the microbiome. How do you build the microbiome? Food, and breathing in the microbes from the air in nature. 

I am not a doctor, I am a chef but I don’t need to be a doctor to learn about health and how food is the foundation of health. You cannot exercise your way out of bad food. Counting calories is a joke. You can burn off all the calories in this world, but if you are filling your cells with toxic, poisonous, fake food, it won’t do you any good. You will still get sick.

Processed food causes chronic disease. That is a guaranteed cause and effect relationship. I wouldn’t doubt if big food and big pharma made a secret pact to get everyone sick by eating their junk food which then lands them in the doctor's office with a chronic disease becoming a lifetime customer for Big Pharma. Before you know it, you are not just taking one pill but a cabinet full of them. One pill for each symptom. 

It doesn’t help that conventional doctors are ignorant about nutrition. I find it shameful that medical school does not teach nutrition. So many of the doctors in the documentaries I offer on this site say their medical school taught them almost nothing about food. Other friends and associates I’ve known who are students in medical school say the same thing.  

However, I am not surprised when you think about how the Rockefeller’s set up the conventional medical system with Big Pharma as Kings running the show. It is a pharmacy funded school system.

The bottom line is, doctor’s don’t make money on healthy people. Why would medical school teach that real food is medicine. You can’t patent broccoli but you can a pill.

Your kitchen is the most important part of your house.

Who doesn’t want to live a long vibrant life without chronic diseases.

These diseases are rising at an alarming rate that by 2030 we could potentially have half the population with some kind of chronic disease; with autoimmune disease the most common. Not only this, they are starting much earlier. For example, The Human Longevity Project and other docuseries feel that if we continue down this path, children will die before their parents.

What is the answer? 

We must take responsibility for our health! That is not your doctor’s job. To help accomplish this, I have collected a continuing growing list of health docu-series with a great depth of experts. Most of the subject matter experts are functional medicine doctors. Many transitioned from the conventional system because they saw it was failing their patients. For example, Dr. Zach Bush’s interview in GMO’s Revealed is  eye opening about how the drugs he prescribed were killing his patients.

Therefore, education is the key!

The Microbiome

The Microbiome Is The Foundation Of Everything 

Generally, when we talk about the microbiome (internal garden), we are talking about your gut. However, microbes live all over in your body, including the brain but the gut is the homebase. The microbiome is an ecosystem of all kinds of life; and diversity is what you want, as this is how you fight off disease. A diverse garden with a variety of life (good bugs) overpowers the bad, such as parasites and viruses. This includes Covid 19. A strong immune system depends on a robust ecosystem.

Sometimes, our garden becomes overgrown and fasting is a great way to weed it out.

In this blog, I compare the microbiome to a Jungle Rain Forest. Eating the rainbow of plant foods is the main way to grow your rain forest. This is because gut bugs love the fiber and the nutrients of real plant foods. 

Plants are medicine!

Our human tendency is to eat the same foods over and over and this creates imbalance, which leads to disease. This limited ecosystem is not vibrant enough to create health or protect you from disease.

In addition to protecting you against disease; the microbiome trains your immune system.

Furthermore, the gut and brain are connected.

Honor Mother Earth

Many experts talk about how crucial nature is. This goes far beyond the quality of the dirt our food is grown in. Nature in and of itself is healing. For example, Dr. Zach Bush in GMO’s Revealed and in other interviews talks about how just breathing in nature builds your microbiome. This is not easy, as our lifestyle keeps us inside most of the time; whether that is our homes, cars or offices. 

We separate ourselves from Mother Earth at our peril!

Poisoning her, we are bringing about our own destruction. For example, we spray our farmlands with glyphosate which kills life. Using glyphosate has absolutely no benefit. In fact, in a regenerative farm, weeds pose no concern. Glyphosate seeps into the soil you are growing the food, killing the life and biodiversity that we depend on so much for life. Therefore, when you are eating conventionally grown crops, you are eating dead food. After a while, that soil will have been decimated so much, you won’t be able to grow anything in it. 

GMO plants often go hand in hand with glyphosate, as this chemical doesn’t kill GMO plants. Therefore, when you eat GMO plants, you could be taking in a heavy dose of poison.

 Dead food leads to dead people!

The dirt! 

Dr. Bush’s quest to trace where health begins brought him to the dirt. His search began at medical school, eventually earning three board certifications. Despite his impressive degrees, he learned medicine is not the answer.

The nutrition and healing properties of our food is only as good as the dirt it is grown in. 

Factory Farming

Factory farming does incredible damage to the environment; and is not good for your health. Confinement is the common theme for all animals in a conventional farming system; and this practice is miserable for the animal. These poor animals are emotionally stressed out and physically sick. 

For example, conventionally raised chickens might be one of the worst examples. Chickens squished in a cage their entire lives. Or, if you purchase free range chickens, this is what you will get; a chicken in a warehouse with thousands of other chickens. So many that they are shoulder to shoulder and dead chickens all over the ground. That is a tiny step above living in a cage, but not by much. Animals have emotions, and eating a chicken like that you will be eating a sick chicken; sick in body and sick in mind. Their stress hormones will be off the charts, and it will be stored inside them. 

I don’t believe the answer is going vegan or vegetarian, but find a chicken that lived its life outside on a pasture eating food it naturally eats.  

Dairy cows are milking machines. These cows do not get to live the way God created them. The amount of milking they endure is oppressive; so much their lifespan is extremely short. For example, farmers want them always easily accessible for milking; and therefore are not allowed to wander off.

The baby calves are taken away almost immediately from their mothers. No doubt, this makes them sad, depressed and stressed. This must mean, when we drink their milk we are consuming their stress hormones. 

Pigs are not far behind chickens in mistreatment. 

Pigs are squished so tight in cages, you can see their skin hanging out the bars. Mothers can barely nurse their piglets as they can’t fit inside with the mother. 

All the factory farmed animals live in misery and they are sick, physically and emotionally. They are fed bad food and injected with harmful drugs.

Toxins Are Pervasive

Sadly, becoming toxin free is impossible. Toxins are everywhere. Even if you did your best to eat clean and not use harsh cleaning supplies and body products; you still would be exposed.

Therefore, I highly recommend detoxing on a regular basis. Fasting is one of the best ways I know of to detox.

Fasting works!

There is no doubt about that; however, it is not easy, especially if you want to clean everything out which requires a long-term fast.

However, you can do it!

Fasting is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it gets. Before too long you can do three days on water without too much pain. A 7 day fast at that point might be miserable; but with many three day fasts, you can get to 7 days without tremendous pain.


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