The Microbiome; The Foundation Of Health

Food Is Either Your Medicine Or Poison; Depression Secrets

The microbiome is the foundation of health. We are like a tree and our gut health are the roots. Each branch in the tree represents an auto-immune disease; which there are over 200. When you have one auto-immune disease, your chances of getting another is high. Therefore, treating these diseases at the branches is not very useful. 

You need to target the roots!

A diversity of gut microbes is the secret to health. The more varied your bacteria is, the stronger you will be and more resilient to disease. Not only this, Dr. O’Bryan says a diverse microbiome reduces inflammation throughout the entire body.

Maybe this is why he calls the microbiome the game-changer.

Some doctors have seen almost every disease be reversed by fixing the gut.  Furthermore, Dr. Dean Ornish of the 2019 Food Transformation Summit said all chronic illness is from the same root cause; which is inflammation. All chronic disease is a result of chronic inflammation, and a shift in the microbiome causes chronic inflammation.

We have a health crisis in America!

We are living longer; however, many are living with a chronic disease that their doctor says is permanent. Your only hope they say is to manage it with drugs, and maybe change your lifestyle a little. This is the perfect business model, create a system where you have life long customers.
Drugs do not cure anything!

Conventional medicine is not equipped to effectively deal with chronic disease. If you break a leg or need surgery we can do that pretty well. However, medicine is almost dominated by the pharmaceutical industry. A pill for every symptom and illness. However, we are failing miserably in curing chronic diseases. This might be why The United States is ranked 36 overall for health, behind many developing countries in the world. The microbiome is the front lines in this battle for health. Therefore, if this line of defense is overrun, vibrant health is nearly impossible.

For example, The Human Longevity Project highlighted a society that rarely saw chronic diseases. This community did not have fast-food chains everywhere, and their grocery stores were not stocked with pre-packaged food. Eventually, fast food chains starting popping up and their grocery stores stocked up on quick and easy to eat meals. Then chronic diseases appeared.

Food Is The Foundation Of Health

Food is medicine!

What Is The Microbiome?

Our body is an ecosystem through and through.” Dr. Zach Bush

Technically, the microbiome involves the entire body; however, the majority of microbes are in the gut. It is an interconnected web or ecosystem of all living organisms on and in our body. This includes bacteria, viruses, fungal organisms, and protozoa. Dr. Bush said we need to get away from thinking in terms of good bugs and bad bugs. Instead, we should think in terms of an integrated system with a balanced life force. He believes all life has a reason, even the parasites. For example, we don't want the parasites to get out of hand, but we also shouldn't kill them all. 

Bacteria far outnumber your DNA. Everything we eat impacts our microbiome for good or bad. However, it is not just food. As Dr. Bush says, nature is a powerful way to build the microbiome. His prescription for recovering from a round of antibiotics is to spend a month out in nature.

The Dangers Of Fast Food

The fast-food industry wants you to believe that you can eat all the fast food you want. Your health will not suffer as long as you burn it off with enough exercise. Dr. Jason Fung of I-Thrive discussed this common myth and stressed that the liver stores sugars which you can't burn them off with exercise. You wouldn’t think that professional athletes, particularly the high endurance ones like professional swimmers, could get diseases such as diabetes. They are calorie-burning machines

Dr. Josh Axe experienced this working with the U.S. Swim Team. Some of the swimmers frequently ate fast food after a training session, not realizing how that food was slowing them down. Once they stopped putting garbage in their system, they performed better.

We profoundly underestimate how bad fast food is. Mostly we think the worst that can happen is it will add on the weight. However, we aren't worried because we can burn it off with a quick workout at the gym. What we don't think about is how bad food is damaging our cells. For example, it burns holes in your gut, causing leaky gut, which leads to cancer.

Furthermore, the leaky gut leaks and spreads toxins throughout your entire body through the bloodstream. This happens every time you eat or drink anything. The immune system is therefore worked beyond its capacity.

Fast food and processed food decimates the microbiome.

    Nutrition is almost absent in fake food. GMO's and glyphosate kills most nutrition in the food.

Garbage food grows harmful bacteria; which cultivates a terrain for disease.

Fast food is addictive! This is intentional. The preservatives, additives, and sugars also cause "toxic hunger." You eat the food, and it tastes delicious; however, it has little nutrition and vitamins; and therefore, you are hungry soon after. Out of habit, and because it tastes yummy, not to mention the convenience. You turn to more fast food to curb the hunger.

Kiran Krishnan said, one bad meal can take your gut two weeks to recover.   

The Microbiome And Cancer

Cancer is difficult in a clean body, even though our body continually creates cancer cells, the size of a pinpoint. However, in a healthy body, it doesn't go beyond that because of the immune system when it is strong and healthy.

For example, Dr. Will Bulsiewics says our body produces abnormal cells every second. We run into trouble when our immune system is running slow  and therefore is weak. This is when cancer cells grow stronger and transform into real cancer because the immune system could not defeat it. Alternatively, in the case of auto-immune disease, the immune system thinks everything is a threat and targets both the cancer and healthy cells, i.e., Civil War.

Cancer is growing exponentially throughout the world. In fact, the World Health Organization feels cancer will increase by 55 to 60% worldwide in the not too distant future.

In the United States, according to Dr. Bulsiwics, colon cancer is the second most common cancer. The microbiome can prevent or encourage colon cancer.  Colon cancer happens when the colon is inflamed, which makes the colon cells sick; turning them precancerous. These precancerous cells grow and multiply until it becomes cancer. 

All of this is due to changes in the microbiome.

Fortunately, colon cancer takes time to develop. Therefore, what we ate as teenagers influences whether or not we get colon cancer in our 30’s or 40’s. Moreover, what we eat now impacts our health years down the road. Therefore, cancer and other similar diseases are not up to fate. Our genes play a role; but it is predominantly our lifestyle that determines whether or not we get the disease.

The reason why you have or don’t have tumors is because of the immune system. It is all about the terrain. Some terrains are hospitable towards cancer and other diseases. If you eat the Standard American Diet, your terrain becomes conducive to cancer.

Your body is built on what you eat.

When the microbiome changes from a jungle to a desert; that is when cancer develops.

The Microbiome Compared To A Jungle

Dead Food Leads To Dead People

A healthy microbiome is like a jungle teeming with a wide variety of life. This creates the best environment or terrain to keep you healthy and protect you against invaders, such as bad bugs, diseased cells, and parasites. It does this because nutrients blocks toxins, thus preventing viruses from taking root and growing. Therefore, a microbiome packed with nutrients can stop toxins and harmful bugs from wreaking havoc. 

This, in contrast to a desert, where the microbiome has no life. The ecosystem is depleted, leaving the soil open for sickness.

Threats To Your Microbiome

Disease happens in a sterile environment.

Antibiotics decimate your microbiome, turning it into a wasteland. The majority of it is from the food and water we eat. Glyphosate is a big reason for this, as it is a patented antibiotic created to kill.

Conventional doctors throw antibiotics at almost everything in fear you might get infected. Now we have superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics.

Taking antibiotics is also like clear-cutting your internal garden (microbiome) leaving nothing but weeds. Parasites (weeds) and other pathogens take over because nothing else positive is growing and the soil is available for them to take root and grow. These parasites didn't show up out of the blue but were already there. The abundant garden contained them.  However, since the garden was leveled, it took over.

Therefore, the problem is not the parasites but the shrinking ecosystem. To add on a further injury, many conventional doctors see these kinds of pathogens and bad guys as enemies that need to die. Therefore, they prescribe more antibiotics to kill the bad guys, not realizing the collateral damage of also killing the good bacteria.

The better approach is to focus on getting healthy by strengthening your immune system and rebuilding your microbiome.

There are other serious consequences of using antibiotics. For example, they are associated with higher rates of cancer.

What Should You Eat?

What Should You Eat?
“You can’t live without plant medicine.” Remedy Docu-series

Plant foods are the healthiest foods you can eat. They are nature's natural medicine because of the enzymes and nutrients. Alkaloids are a big reason for their incredible healing properties.

 Alkaloids have features that protect against most chronic diseases. They help fight against cancer and diabetes. Additionally, alkaloids are anti-fungal and antiparasitic.

This is why GMO’s and glyphosate are so dangerous to our food because it changes a healthy medicinal food into a poisonous one. For instance, genetically modifying foods cause hundreds of mutations of DNA in the plant itself; which makes every protein in the plant toxic. If this wasn't bad enough, it has a BT (Bacillus Thuringiensis) toxin that causes your gut to produce pesticides consistently. Thus, your gut becomes like a pesticide producing factory.

The gut talks directly to the brain, and the gut makes most of the neurotransmitters. This is another reason to avoid glyphosate because it destroys the building blocks for the neurotransmitters.

Most of it is created in the gut. However, that is not enough. Serotonin is an essential neurotransmitter that prevents mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Microbes in the stomach for serotonin create a byproduct (poop) from the food we eat that produces the needed additional serotonin.

Glyphosate Destroys The Alkaloids In Plants

    Dr. Bush saw incredible results by having his patients eat many vegetables. However, some got worse. For example, he loves kale, and a portion of his patients became more inflamed by eating kale. He realized this inflammation came from eating kale sprayed with glyphosate.
If the alkaloids and other essential nutritional components are killed by glyphosate, then we could expect to see an increase in diseases. This is precisely the pattern Dr. Bush discovered.

Chronic diseases have skyrocketed!

Eat the rainbow!

    Dr. Terry Wahls of the Fatigue Super Conference challenges her patients to eat 200 different plant species per year.

Experts recommend eating fruits and vegetables of all kinds, especially the multi-colored ones, because they are rich in antioxidants. Furthermore, vegetables supply the microbiome with natural fiber and nutrients that you can’t get from a fiber supplement. This is critical in turning your microbiome into a jungle. Additionally, the natural fiber is food for the probiotics.

Therefore, probiotic supplements will not help you much if your diet is mostly fast food and processed food. This is because most of the time probiotics can’t take up root because they don’t have the environment and food to thrive.

Besides killing the plant and its healing properties; eating glyphosate is like throwing sand in your cars gas tank.

It causes chronic fatigue!

Glyphosate blocks ATP production which is how your body stores and releases energy; thus leading to chronic fatigue.
What About Meat?

Few experts in these documentaries I offer recommend eating a lot of meat or animal products, and some forbid all dairy. Part of the reason is that meat does not have the fiber and medicinal properties that vegetables have. Secrets Of Depression Docu-series talked about hard and soft endpoints. Hard endpoints are the point in time when you are diagnosed with chronic disease. No chronic illness happens overnight, and the soft endpoints are the little steps along the way that caused the disease.  They linked a lot of it to animal products.

    Much of the reason for this is because factory farming makes the animals sick. Their sickness transfers over to us when we eat them. Furthermore, virtually all the animal products in grocery stores and restaurants are from factory farms.

What is it about factory farming that is so bad?

The quick answer is that farmers raise the animals as fast and cheap as possible in confined spaces. Thus making them stressed out and sick. To compensate, farmers pump them with antibiotics which also helps them grow faster. You take in their antibiotics because it is stored in the animals meat and tissues.
Why Does All This Matter?
We are collapsing as a species.” Dr. Bush

One in three males are infertile; and one in four women are. All the reasons discussed in this blog (toxins, bad food, drugs) our children are born in a disease environment. Our hope is in the microbiome. It is very forgiving as it gives life everywhere it touches and can make life out of nothing.

Additionally, our children may die before we do. Dr. Bush sees a twenty-year jump of diseases from one generation to the next. Grandma gets a chronic illness at 60, daughter at 40, granddaughter at 20. Sadly, symptoms of chronic disease are targeting our children. This is much too early, and is only a matter of time until the full onset of the disease sets in.

     Dr. Bush believes the way we are destroying our earth and killing life, including our personal ecosystem, is unsustainable. We will become extinct as a species, he thinks if we continue doing this.

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