“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food” Hippocrates

If You Are Healthy, Thank The Cook

Food is medicine, and the healthiest food is from our own garden. This is what our ancestors did, and is a practice that will prevent a lot of diseases and save people from pain.

The industrialization of our food marked the beginning of our chronic disease epidemic. The processing of food is literally killing us. No, eating one highly processed meal will not kill you; however, over time it will cause serious health problems. In fact, some believe our children will die before we will. The quicker our children get on the highly processed food plan the quicker death sets in.

We can’t blame the food manufacturers for this disease epidemic because they are only giving us what we want. For example, recently I was driving behind a food delivery truck that said, “Follow me to your next great meal.”

A lot of American’s suffer from an autoimmune disease and according to the Human Longevity Project, 70% of American adults are diagnosed with a chronic illness.

The Human Longevity Project

What is the Human Longevity Project?

This is a professionally created documentary series about living a long life in health, and “aging without chronic disease.”  They interviewed many health professionals from a variety of backgrounds and visited cultures where people are healthy in old age. This is a product that can help us live a long and healthy life free from many of the expensive and debilitating diseases that rob us of our vitality and ability to live life to the fullest.

We Are Too Busy To Be Healthy

Often, for most of us, we don’t get serious about health until we lose it. This is because we don’t want to change.  For example, the food manufacturers have exploited a great need in American and most advanced societies. Our busy and hectic schedule makes it almost impossible to be healthy. Who has time to cook when you barely have time to breathe? Additionally, they don’t care about your our health? They are a business and they are in business to make money.

Therefore, they know we want good tasting food that can be ready to eat almost instantly with as little work on our part as possible. This is why they load their prepared food products with sugar to make sure it tastes good and to ensure it lasts a long time on the shelf.

Furthermore, it doesn’t help that making ends meet is hard for many households. Often, both spouses work outside the home; making it even more unlikely that someone will cook. Cooking takes time and energy, and when you are tired and stressed out that is the last thing you want to do. Many of us especially want comfort foods when we are stressed and we are not about to make it ourselves.

There seems to be a cause and effect between quick food and disease.

For these reasons and others we don’t change our habits until our body is afflicted with disease and suffering in pain. It is possible to fight your way out of sickness, possibly even chronic illness but it takes time to repair years of the abuse we give our bodies through bad diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan of the Human Longevity Project said medical school teaches doctors to look for acute conditions, such as eliminating the painful symptoms you feel right now with pain meds. However, 78% of the patients have chronic diseases which have built over years. These chronic diseases are not focused on in medical school.

Tom Blue summed it up well when he said the health care industry wants you chronically ill because that is the most profitable state for them. He said health is minimally profitable, and dead is not profitable.

What Is The Goal Of Longevity?

Is longevity to see how long we can live; or, is it to enjoy life? If we have the health and strength to do things and be fully engaged, that is health. No, health is not necessarily living a long life. Our goal should be to make the most of each day whether we are 20 or 120.

I don’t believe in diets! Diets imply a temporary change, but what we need is a lifestyle change that lasts throughout life.

The Human Longevity Project is not about a diet. It is clear to me that they have tried very hard to find the truth. I have not found any hidden agenda or ulterior motive than reporting truth. Much of the cultures they highlight in the docu-series eat different staples.

For example, some might eat a lot of grains and others animal fats, but they all have one thing in common. Their food is not processed. Their grocery stores are not loaded with every kind of ready to eat meal that you can think of.

Cultures who were once healthy and rarely saw chronic disease; are seeing diseases pop up with the introduction of fast food places and pre made packaged food.

What is the bottom line to health?

Eat a variety of real food as close to its natural form as possible and move your body as much as possible.

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