“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food” Hippocrates

As I see it, we have three main threats to our health.

The First Is Our Food

The Standard American Diet is guaranteed to give you a chronic disease if you eat enough of it. 

“I believe that the growing fast food addiction in this country and abroad is genocide, as these foods destroy life with frightening efficiency and this damage is worsening.” Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Fast Food Genocide

If you have been eating it since a child, disease will hit you sooner. These foods are terrible for your microbiome. Processed foods have very little nutrients, are loaded with preservatives, additives and chemicals such as glyphosate. All of that makes your food toxic which makes your cells sick. 

The soil is the key!

When farmers neglect the soil, they are growing food that is almost useless.

The way your food is grown makes all the difference. Unfortunately, even conventional organic farmers grow food in mostly dead soil. This means we have to eat twice as much to get the same benefits. For example, you might need 10 carrots grown in crappy soil to get the same nutrition from one carrot grown in healthy dirt.

The soil is where health begins! However, much of our topsoil is gone and it is unbelievable how much more we are constantly eroding. Conventional farming destroys the soil, turns it into lifeless dirt. This is done in many ways; tilling, growing only one thing, keeping the soil naked, using toxic chemicals such as glyphosate. Glyphosate is a big problem, as it is a killer. Killing life in the ground and in our bodies. 
As Tom Blue in the Human Longevity Project said, health is a skillset. This understanding helps us take more responsibility for our health. We must take ownership for our health, not our doctors.

Unfortunately, for most of us, we take our health for granted and don’t get serious about health until we are sick. 

The good news is, we have control over our health. It is not our genes and not the doctors. For example, Dr. Chaterjee of the Human Longevity Project said that about 80% of the time, his patients cure their health problems with lifestyle changes alone. Without drugs!
Isn’t it a lot smarter to focus on being healthy instead of masking diseases? Isn’t it better to live so disease doesn’t have the terrain to grow and thrive?

Second, We Live In A Toxic World

We have a lot of toxins to contend with, and I believe our food is the biggest one. Glyphosate and other pesticides damage the body and the earth. A leaky gut is not something you want. Inside our homes are full of toxins; wall paint, furniture and mattresses coated with anti fire chemicals, cleaning supplies. And you can’t forget about EMF’s. 

We go from one toxic box to another. From house to car to office and back again; hardly ever spending meaningful time outside.  

Our immune system must deal with these toxins, and it can easily be overwhelmed. When this happens to the immune system, auto-immune diseases start. 

Third, The Government And The Medical Industry Are Not Interested In Your Health

This is a multi-trillion dollar industry; and like all businesses they desire money. Money drives them, not your health. 
Our sick care system depends on you being sick. There is no money in health for the doctors. Therefore, I am not surprised why food is not taught in medical school.

If medical school was serious about health; they would teach extensively about medicine that actually works. Real food. Not fake food, not the processed junk that is abundant everywhere; but organic food that grows out of the earth and not a lab.

No pill the doctor gives you can make up for junk food.

What Is Your Goal?

Are you interested in living a long life? 100 or beyond?  What about quality? Maybe 80 but without any kind of chronic disease. You pass away peacefully and without the financial burden of lengthy hospital stays and drugs.  Health is subjective, and we all will die sometime; therefore, ultimately it is a losing battle. However, to fully engage in life, requires a body that can move and think without constant pain. 

Also, we are here to have joy. How can you have joy if you are chronically ill?

The Lessons Learned From The Elders Interviewed In The Human Longevity Project

  • They ate clean. Some eat a lot of meat and dairy, and others carbs with lots of grains such as the Italians. Either way, it was real food. Not processed. 

  • They brought the community together. We need each other, and what better way to gather than over a great meal.
  • They didn't sit still. They live on farms and grow food in their own backyards. This keeps them busy and therefore no need for gym memberships. We think we can spend an hour in the gym and then sit at a desk or the couch for the rest of the day and think it is fine.

You won’t see fast food chains in these communities, and you won’t see their grocery stores stocked with junk food. Their freezers are not packed with microwave dinners. Screens and electronics do not captivate their attention. Some don’t even have electricity, and therefore sleep when it is dark and awake when the sun is out. 

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